Airplanes Africa Limited

Our Vision

To initiate the building of the aviation industry in Tanzania under the exclusive name: “Made in Tanzania”.


Currently, we are in the complex process of obtaining all official documentation and establishing our base in Morogoro - Tanzania from where we will supply the market of East Africa.


Smaller volume of our production secures diligence, precision and greater orientation to meet the needs of the specialized aviation market. Combination of Czech know-how and Tanzanian skills bring synergy into hand-assembled aircraft production.


To satisfy both discerning and modest clients, initially we offer two models of aircraft. With Skyleader 600 you will enjoy a taste of luxury at the first sight as well as flight. For those looking for functionality and usability, economical model of Skyleader 500 will serve the best.


For effective pilot training we installed a state-of-art simulator of Skyleader 600 providing the trainees with time-efficient acquiring and development of knowledge and practical skills.

We introduce

Our Airplanes

Skyleader 600

Skyleader 500

Skyleader 400

Skyleader 200

Our demonstration plane in Morogoro, Tanzania

First demonstration plane delivered to our base